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Pain Managment
Updated: 10/10/2019
Pain Managment
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  • OUCH
  • Here this should help with the pain
  • Another drug came up during the civil war, that was morphine, it were very helpful with treating pain, and other injuries.
  • If only we could get a drug that won't get people so addicted.
  • Morphine became very addictive, so addictive that in Britain they tried to make new drugs that weren't so addictive causing the "First Opium War" between them and China
  • Due to the fact that so many people are addicted to these new drugs we are passing a law in hope that less people will become addicted.
  • The US had enough of this and passed a the Pure Food and Drug Act requiring labels on on all medicines. Although in Germany they still made one last drug called methadone, with hopes that it would work, which it did, but not permanently fix it.
  • Now that he is asleep and can't feel anything we can remove his appendix.
  • scalpel
  • Soon after the "Opium War" a new method became popular that you couldn't really get addicted to. It was anesthesia. It was invented in Massachutes and they used it to make people fall asleep for a peroid of time, so a doctor could preform a surgery.
  • Here is some numbing cream called lidocaine. Put it on every morning when yoiu get up and before you go to bed.
  • Thanks
  • Chemists in Sweden saw the success that anesthesia had and had an idea to make a new product that could numb only a specific area. It was called lidocaine, it was used in hospitals, but was also able to be taken home and used as a cream.
  • Sure
  • Can I get a bottle of ibuprofen please.
  • Professors in the UK saw how people liked how you were able to take it home, and they thought they would try to make another drug. They successfully made ibuprofen. A simple drug that they were able to buy at a store and wasn't very addictive.
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