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Updated: 10/11/2019
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  • A 20 year old lieutenant eager to make a name for himself. And later did just that, winning many battles.
  • After overthrowing the directory along with the Consulate, a new constitution was drawn up. He later named himself consul for life then two years later he'll crown himself Emperor of France.
  • He began to attempt to restore economic prosperity and he controlled prices, encouraged new industry, and built roads and canals.
  • He began the Napoleonic Wars where he battled the combined forces of the greatest European powers.
  • Napoleon set up blockades starting a Economic War against Britain which will later leave to the fall of Napoleon.
  • After the disaster of Russia he stepped down from power and was exiled. He later came back to France and retook power and lost the huge battle at Waterloo just 100 days after he returned. He was exiled one last time and died in 1821.
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