Updated: 6/5/2020
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  • *claps*
  • Fellow Athenians, make ready for the big procession because today is our Independence Day!
  • *cheering*
  • The anniversary of the day we threw out our last dictator!
  • My brother Kiru!For ten years he's been a slave of the Persians,he must have escaped!
  • A slave of the Persians!Let him enter the city.
  • There is a stranger outside, tired and ragged and he says he's looking for his brother, Keno.
  • Look at you,Keno, you look fine and healthy,you're master must be a kind one.
  • Kiru,you're ragged, half-starved, covered with sores!How have the Persians been treating you?
  • *whispers*
  • *worries*
  • Oh,brother i have bad news for you,for your children and the citizens of Athens.Oh,frightful tidings for your small city...The Persians are coming!
  • Seven years after we were sold as slaves,my master freed me.Now i am free man.
  • Never!No surrender!
  • We would rather die than be slaves to the Persians!Never surrender!We are free people,down with the dictatorship!
  • We should surrender!
  • While we are preparing for war,we need someone who can run fast to send a message to our friends from Sparta.
  • Although i am in charge of proceedings,i know i am not much of a fighter.I propose to step down and appoint someone else who is experienced to lead us all.
  • My only son,Pheidippides can run to Sparta.He's the fastest runner in Athens this year!Send my son,Sir!
  • Miltiades!Miltiades!
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