Russian revolution
Updated: 12/20/2019
Russian revolution
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  • Bloody- Sunday was when industrial workers, peasasnts and families wanted better working conditions and more freedom. They came to the palace and Czar Nicholas II wasn't there so his soldiers open fired at the citizens and killed between 500-1,000 unarmed civilians. This group is called the Duma.
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  • The February Revolution, which removed the Czar Nicholas II from power, developed a series of increasingly violent demonstrations and riots on the streets of Petrograd, during a time like that, the Czar was away from the capital visiting troops on the world war I front.
  • Give us Freedom!!!
  • In 1922, Linen suffered from a stroke so two people from the Bulshevik group stepped up to be the new leaders. leon Trotsky is the leader of the Red Army. Stalin is responsible for choosing the leaders os soviets around Russia. Later Stalin tries to turn people against Trotski and creates the White Army. Stalin's army is full of communists.
  • Traitor!!!
  • Rasputin was a faith healer. People did n't like that he was getting close to the royal family so they tried to kill him plenty of times but he survived. Finally he was invited to a dinner party and was poisoned but didnt't die, shot 4 times and beat up, still didn't die. Then he was tied up and thrown into Neva River and drowned.
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  • The October Revolution overturnrd the interim provisional government and established the Soviet Union. The October revolution was a much more deliberate event, orchestrated by a small group of people. The Bolsheviks, who led this coup, prepared their coup in only six months. Vladimir Linen led the Bolsheviks.
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  • The Red Terror started as a result of an attempt to kill Vladimir Lenin by Fanni Kaplin in August 1918 and the murder of the Cheka leader in St. Petersburg. The Red Terror last from September 1918 to October 1918 though some believe that it actually lasted until the end of the Russian Civil War
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