Fighting Misunderstandings

Updated: 6/16/2021
Fighting Misunderstandings

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  • So, what kind of coffee did you end up ordering? I got a large cold brew with five extra shots of espresso!
  • I'm suuuuper dehydrated today so I'm having tea instead of coffee. All that caffeine would just make it worse.
  • Actually, that's a common misconception. I was reading a study about that the other day. So you see, these scientists conducted a study where...
  • I'm good, actually. I found an infographic that my old roommate shared on Facebook. She's a nurse so I think she knows what she's talking about.
  • Oh dear... I guess we should trust the nurse who shares coffee facts in between her anti-vaxx propaganda and MLM schemes instead of scientists with a formal, published study.
  • I think she knows what she's talking about. She's an authority on all things health-related. If I were in trouble, I would trust her, so I trust her now.
  • That's literally not how science works, you know.
  • You can't believe everything online, either. Coffee is hot too, so that makes the water in coffee evaporate even faster.
  • Maybe I should tell her about all the caffeine in that tea of hers...
  • I'm really glad I stay informed on these kinds of issues. I don't want to spread misinformation, you know?