Boy of the painted cave Chapter 3 story board
Updated: 11/4/2020
Boy of the painted cave Chapter 3 story board

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Stick figure arms

Storyboard Text

  • Tao hears a screech
  • Could there be an evil spirit?
  • ((SHRIEK)
  • Three eggs worth protecting
  • (If there be demons, you must be one of them)
  • (SHRIEK)
  • Two against one
  • Unfortunately for you, but you now have another enemy to face
  • Tao believes an evil spirit lives in the slough, uncertain of what lies ahead, he goes in the direction of the screeches.
  • 3-2=1
  • (I truly am sorry)
  • The screeches and shrieks were from an owl who was protecting her eggs from a wolf dog! Tao, watching the fight, makes a comment.
  • A bond formed?
  • Eat, young wolf dog
  • Tao decides to grab the eggs from the owl, making the wolf dog his ally, and making it two against one.
  • Words from the weaker
  • It is not good to fight eagle owls, you must find something smaller
  • Tao steals two eggs and begins to plan his escape
  • Tao gave an egg to the wolf dog
  • Tao gives the wolf dog advice for hunting and the wolf dog seems to understand.
  • It is not wise to fight eagle owls, try something smaller. I know you are a good hunter, but start with something small first.
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