Updated: 3/23/2020

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  • Bonique
  • Nemesis and Ares
  • hello
  • Revenge
  • Bonique lived alone in a small cottage surrounded by nature. She had pail skin. Bonique dressed posh and wore green to match nature. Bonique had yellow hair. Bonique was married and had a son called Ares-the god of war.
  • The revenge feeling
  • One day Ares (the God of war) killed Nemesis (theGod of revenge's) mum. Nemesis was very upset and wanted revenge badly. Nemesisknew that Ares loved his family. Nemesis found out that Bonique was the onlyone out of Ares family alive. So, Nemesis decided to give back revenge onBonique.
  • Busted
  • One night, Nemesis decided to destroy the gardenoutside Bonique’s house. Nemesis pulled out all the trees from the ground,picked out all the grass, picked all the leaves, fruit and flowers on the treesand threw everything into a bin.
  • Bye bye Nemesis
  • please let me go! i'll do anything.
  • In the morning when Bonique came to her garden and saw what happened she was furious. She was angry but just thought it was from a storm. It happend three nights in a row. Bonique couldn't put up with it any longer. So Bonqiue decided to wait all night and confront the person.
  • there, back to normal. hopefully nobody messes it up again!
  • Nemesis went back that night to destroy Bonique’s garden, When Nemesis appeared Bonique knew it was time to stop this. Bonique tiptoed up to Nemesis and confronted Nemesis while he was picking out the flowers. Bonique looked away, Nemesis knew it was the right time to do something extremely bad.
  • "hello? Who are you and why are you doing this?".
  • So, he decided to take his emergency sword. Nemesis brought his sharp scary looking sword toward 's Bonique’s head. Bonique’s eyes were shaking withanger and as that happened vines of leaves came down from the closes tree andweaved around Nemesis body and smashed him against a wall. Nemesis was neverseen again and Bonique’s garden remained clean and tidy.