Updated: 1/12/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Helo Mr RICHARD  I am here for the job interwiew
  • Ah yes of course, welcome please sit down
  • So you are Mr. MathisTell me why you are interresed in this job?
  • I love electronics since i am kid, making circuits, repairing or even participating in regional competitions It has become a passion and I would like to make it my job.
  • Ok, can you talk throught your experience for the role ?
  • I was an electronic technician during two years in a small company in Manchester
  • Great, why did you apply for the position ?
  • I did it because the job is very interesting and your company is worlwide, and i like to travel.
  • And what do you have to offer ?
  • I can speak more than three languages and i am able to work easily in teams
  • Ok, Good, thank You i will keep you informed as soon as possible
  • Thanks a lot, it was a pleasure.