milstone 4
Updated: 4/8/2021
milstone 4

Storyboard Text

  • All right now! Got enough sleep. Ready to attend lecture!
  • Ahh! I forget I am not in US time zone!
  • Wait a minute...I thought we had a live lecture at 2:30p.m.
  • Please Wait the host open the zoom room...
  • All right now, missed the live lecture, loss the opportunity to ask questions...
  • Let me just look at recording lecture
  • Jim is ready to start his "new day" and he is in the mood to attend zoom lecture.
  • Come on...stupid laptop...I need to watch the lecture, bring me to Canvas...
  • NO internet connection...please check your network...
  • When Jim opens his laptop and log into the canvas and opens zoom lectures...Then he realized he is not in the US anymore...
  • Hey Tom! My VPN just crashed, cannot watch the recording lecture
  • Yeah, mine VPN also crashed, but I have this cool app to help me watch lecture without VPN connection
  • Jim decides to watch the recorded live lecture...
  • Enter your VT email and passcode, and select Login as student
  • First, go to app store or google play search "X-learn"
  • Select the course you want to see, you can see several options like "exams" or "lectures"
  • Tap lectures and you can see all the recorded live lectures 
  • When Jim trying to open the courses in canvas, the VPN on his laptop crashed
  • Jim decides to call his friend Tom to see if he experience the same problem or not.
  • Really! Can you tell me how to download and use the app?
  • Definitely! Here is how you do it...
  • Tom recommended him the "X-learn" app. Now Jim can watch his lecture without using his "stupid" VPN on his laptop again! Good news for Jim!!
  • Thank you Tom! Now I can watch the lectures smoothly now! No need to wait so long to load from Canvas again!