The Most Dangerous Game
Updated: 9/10/2020
The Most Dangerous Game

Storyboard Text

  • I'll be on the deck
  • Goodnight!
  • Zzzzz..
  • We are introduced to Rainsford and Whitney and it seems that they are on a boat heading near the Ship-Trap Island while it is nighttime.
  • oh my-
  • As Whitney goes to bed, Rainsford went onto the deck for a smoke. He then heard 3 gunshots and leaned over the rail and as he leaned over, the boat tipped over making him fall into the water. Rainsford swam to shoe towards where he hard the gunshots as he thought where there's men, would be shelter and food.
  • I know! I'll set a trap on the trails!
  • He then saw a bearded man in front of him after he woke up on the shore. Along with another approaching. The men were General Zaroff and Ivan which is deaf. They actually allowed him to have some food and clothes. They seemed polite. After a while he started talking about the biggest game
  • Come to find out he wanted more danger hunting so he started hunting humans. General Zaroff refuses to call it murder though it is exactly what he is doing. He then asks Rainsford to come hunt with him but Rainsford refuses as he is given the choice.
  • Until he suggests to play a game in if Rainsford wins, he can be dropped off near a town if he's back by midnight of the third day so he agreed. Rainsford had a plan to set a trail for General Zaroff to get trapped. Sadly his plan didn't work and the General planned to kill him the whole time.
  • Near the end, Rainsford sees that the General has a pack of dogs ready to finish off Rainsford. Rainsford ran and saw a cliff and forty feet below was the ocean. Rainsford jumped in. General thought he died until that night he popped out from behind General's room curtains. Turns out. Rainsford won the game.