Willy's Adventure part 2
Updated: 3/30/2020
Willy's Adventure part 2

Storyboard Text

  • Finally, Willy filtered into a river or discharged. Discharge is groundwater that comes back down to surface water, like a river, that flows into a collection area. The river was the fastest moving thing Willy has ever been on. So it didn't take long for Willy to empty out into what seemed like the most filled place on Earth, the Ocean.
  • Willy sees every kind of water and starts to make friends. Suddenly, Willy started turning into a vapor and floats up to the clouds. Willy remembers doing this at the very start of his journey.
  • Once Willy was a complete gas and was in the clouds he saw Clyde the Cloud again. Willy wasn't so scared anymore he thinks he has seen everything by now. Little does he know, he still has lots left in his journey. Willy went through the process of condensation and precipitation.
  • Willy found a new part of an adventure, Soil. Willy was on the land once again. He wasn't scared but this time he felt like he was being absorbed by a plant. Then he realized he was!
  • Willy saw a new experience on the plant. He loved it there but then an elephant nearby came straight to the plant and started drinking Willy!
  • Turns out the elephant's name was Eddie and he was just really thirsty. Willy soon felt that tingling sensation in his body again and then turned into...gas! Willy got evaporated from the mouth of Eddie and shot up to the clouds where the whole adventure started again.