The Persian wars

Updated: 10/15/2020
The Persian wars

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  • This is in the battle of Marathon when pheidippides was running to tell the Athenians about the Persians and he ran a total of 400 miles and was a huge part of there success in this war.
  • I've been running a lot lately.
  • run.
  • This event is showing the battle of Thermopylae and how the Spartans held off the Persians for 7 days and then the Athenian people were able to get away
  • we got em.
  • This is also talking about the Thermopylae battle and how eventually the Persians were able to get past the Spartans and won the battle and eventually burned and captured Athens.
  • Are city now.
  • This image is showing how in the battle of Salamis, the Athenians engaged the Persian navy at sea and started battling.
  • not so fast, time for battle here.
  • In this scene, this battle was the battle of Plataea and this was the last battle between these 2 and this is showing how the Athenians won and sent the Persians back.
  • VICTORY!!!!!
  • FYI this picture is used to represent Athens
  • Some effects that these wars had were that it made Athens the biggest city-state in the world, Sparta was weakened, Athens creates the Delian league and build an empire and lastly Athens rebuilds better than ever and experiences a golden age.