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Cell 2
Updated: 3/27/2019
Cell 2
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  • As the fire burns, the chemical energy that was stored in the logs is released and transformed into kinetic energy. The fire produces heat energy, light energy, as it can be seen, and sound energy as there are pops and sparks. Entropy: the heat that leaves the burning fire will not come back, and neither will the light that it gives off or the sounds that come from propping sparks.
  • Sofie drops a bouncy ball on the ground after holding it in her hand. There is potential gravitational energy as the ball remains off the ground, but that turns to kinetic motion energy as the ball falls through the air. There is also sound kinetic energy that comes when the ball hits the ground. Entropy: the motion energy and sound that come from the falling ball will not come back after they are released.
  • As Sofie shuffles across the carpet, there is motion kinetic energy and friction is created and built up. This is released in the form of a shock which is electric kinetic energy when Sofie touches Mr. Holtein. Heat energy also is developed with the friction. Entropy: the electric energy is released when Sofie shocks Mr. Holtein and this will not come back. Neither will the heat energy that is released.
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