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Energy Changes Cartoon 1-3
Updated: 3/27/2019
Energy Changes Cartoon 1-3
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  • AH!
  • Vienna and I are at a restaurant eating food. This shows chemical energy (potential) that is built up in the food that we are digesting. There is sound energy because we are talking, and heat energy comes from our bodies. Also, we are moving to eat the food (kinetic energy). Entropy: the motion that is occurring while we eat the food will not come back to us, and neither will the sound that we are speaking, or the heat that is coming from us.
  • Mr. Holtein goes down the slide. This shows the potential energy of gravity, since gravitational energy builds as Mr. Holtein climbed to the top of the slide. The potential energy changed to kinetic energy in the form of motion as Mr. Holtein slides; also kinetic energy in the form of Mr. Holtien yelling, heat energy from his body, and electric energy that comes from the friction created between Mr. Holtein and the slide. Entropy: the motion that comes from Mr. Holtein going down the slide, the sound that comes out of his mouth, the heat his body exudes, and the electricity created by the friction will not come back to Mr. Holtein after it is released.
  • Sofie S. shoots a rubber band at Sofie L. Elastic potential energy builds up as the rubber band is pulled back, and is converted to motion kinetic energy when the rubber band is released and flies across the room. There is also sound energy from Sofie L. who yells, and heat energy from the girls who are warmer than the air. Entropy: the motion that comes from the flying rubber band, the sound that comes from Sofie L's mouth, and the heat the girls exude will not come back to them after it is released.
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