"The Devil and Tom Walker" By : Shannon Fisher
Updated: 6/2/2020
"The Devil and Tom Walker" By : Shannon Fisher
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  • There once was a man named Tom Walker who lived a very miserable life. Tom had a wife but they were never good for each other, they always fought and were never happy. The couple lived in the year of 1727.
  • " The Devil and Tom Walker": Shannon Fisher
  • Tom was taking a stroll and without notice walked into a abandoned Indian fort. Startled, Tom looked down realized that he had accidently kicked something and it was a skull! Suddenly a weird creepy figure shaped as a man covered in soot came about and started talking to Tom, trying to make a deal.
  • Tom learns the creepy mans name is Old Scratch and decides to not take the deal. Once he tells his wife what the deal is, she decides to take matters into her own hands and go for it. The deal was that Old Stratch would give Tom riches hidden in the swamp by Captain KIdd if Tom would exchange something in advance.
  • Tom soon comes to the conclusion that his wife is not coming back and goes out to the same location where he found Old Stratch to try to find her. When we got to the location he found out that his wife was dead and he was happy that she was gone. He takes time to decide what to do next and chooses to accept the deal from earlier to get the riches but for him to get it he will have to use it for serving the devil. He agrees to become a usurer.
  • Tom is now set with loads of money from the buried treasure and owns a huge mansion. He becomes so rich that people start to recognize him for his money and ask to borrow it for multiple reasons. Through out all of his fame, Tom starts to fear punishment from God for his wrongful actions.
  • One day Tom a poor man comes to his house asking for more time for his mortgage and Tom says no. While this conversation goes on Old Stratch comes with a black horse to kill him and take his soul. When people realize his death, they go to his house to find it burnt down.
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