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Updated: 7/29/2020
Unknown Story

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  • This is what kind o stuff Harriet would write about in her notebook . She would also write some nicer things too. She wrote a lot of mean things like this. She would never let ANYONE read her notebook
  • I cant believe Janie thinks she will make it as a scientists. Who is she kidding?
  • This is how it all started. All of Harriet's friends read what mean things she wrote about them in her notebook. Then she lost all of her friends. Will she be able to recover her friendships?
  • Oh my god! Harriet is SO MEAN!
  • Harriet's friends start to all hangout without her. While Harriet starts spying on them and them and figure out what they are doing. This kept happening until...........
  • Harriet's friends.
  • Harriet spying on her friends.
  • Dear Harriet, I know that you are having a lot of stress with your friends. The only way to recover your friendships is to lie. This is the last piece of advice from me. You are now older and don't need me anymore. Love, Ole Golly
  • This is when Harriet found out what she should do. She got this letter telling her what to do from her nurse, Ole Golly.
  • Harriet uses her nurse's (Ole Golly) advice to get her friends back. In the end she was able two of her friends back.
  • What I said in my notebook was NOT true.
  • This is when Harriet's friends finally hang out together once again.