new school part 1
Updated: 3/11/2021
new school part 1

Storyboard Description

Riri (means lilly) a new girl has been waiting to go to her dream school and she got in now she can't wait. but she does not fit in well she is bullied all because she has on a hijab but she has one friend in all of this mess and his name is Aidan (means fire) and they become friends instantly.

Storyboard Text

  • hi my name is riri and i got into my dream school. i start tomorrow i cant wait
  • sorry mrs. Cammi
  • class we have a new student joing us. Adain please pay attention
  • where did i put my books?oh there they are.
  • class this is Riri she moved here from..
  • ok i can do that its right outsied right
  • thank you adain. do you think you can meet me by my locker after class?
  • no Willow she is not from africa. she is from texas
  • im sorry Riri, Willow can be a bit of a mean girl. im adain by the way
  • yep
  • yes what do you need
  • well this is my hijab and it is a part of my religion.
  • so your riri. tell me this riri why do you have on that thing
  • willow back off