The Sniper
Updated: 5/21/2020
The Sniper

Storyboard Text

  • SCENE 2
  • SCENE 3
  • The sniper sits on top of the roof of a building after his meal, smoking, when suddenly another sniper shoots at him from across the street but misses.
  • The sniper spots an enemy soldier and an informant in the street. The sniper knew he couldn't let the informer transfer the information, so he shot both the informer and the soldier in the car.
  • SCENE 5
  • After shooting both people in the street, the sniper suddenly hears a gunshot and his arm goes numb. He was shot in the arm by the sniper across the street.
  • The sniper realizes that he can't pick up his rifle to shoot the enemy across the street, so he has to use his revolver. He first tricks the enemy into thinking he was dead by dropping his rifle and cap off of the roof of his building. He then waited until the enemy looked over and shot him with the revolver. 
  • When the sniper sees the enemy's dead body fall down into the street below, he begins to feel horrible about what he's done. He threw down his revolver and vowed to never kill another person, enemy or not, ever again.
  • As the sniper is leaving the roof, he suddenly becomes curious as to who he had killed. He goes over to investigate, just barely escaping machine gun fire from another enemy. The sniper then turns over the dead body and sees that it's his brother.