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2nd story
Updated: 5/16/2020
2nd story
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  • 13 ft.
  • y = sin^-1 (13/15)y = 60.07°x = (15)cos(60.07°)x = 7.48 ft.
  • x ft.
  • y
  • 15 ft.
  • First, I solved for y by using the equation sin^-1 (opposite/hypotenuse). With the angle, I would be able to find how far the ladder was from the house, x ft.
  • I figured out that the ladder is 7.48 ft. away from the house. Now, it's time for my speedy rescue! I let time resume.
  • As I caught him, I heard him gasp loudly. He was surprised that I caught him so fast. He said, "I didn't even see you move."
  • I said to him, "No sir, I was just able to make a speedy rescue!" Incidents like this make me proud to be an undercover superhero.
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