Updated: 2/23/2021

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  • In the year 900 Europe is being attacked by Vikings. When they tried to conquer France they failed, but the king of France gave them land in Northern France if they protect them from other Vikings. It was agreed and then they set up in Normandy and went full-on french.England also had its own fair share of problems when the Danish Vikings conquered most of the country. Then the Anglo-Saxons (the British) eventually kicked them out although they left a bunch of Viking settlers.
  • Now a person named Edgar the Peaceful is king, after that he had 2 babies and died so now no one knows which son should be king. So one of the 2 mothers killed the other son and now her son is king. Then he grew up and married the Duke of Normandy's daughter, then they had a bunch of babies. Edgar killed all of the Viking settlers after that because they were going to kill him. This pissed off the Danish Vikings so they launched an attack and they conquered England again. The king's family then escaped into exile. After a while Edward and his brother Alfred (one of Edgar's children) tried to retake the throne from the Vikings but were betrayed by the earl of wessex when he killed Alfred, so then Edward then escaped back to Normandy. One king died without a king in England while Edward was in Normandy so they called him back and made him king.
  • When he wanted to gain the full support of his country he realized that the only way was to befriend the earl of Wessex who is the person who killed his brother. Edward then married the Earl of Wessex's daughter and then Godwinson (the earl) died and his massive fortune was passed down to his sons and now Harold Godwinson became the Earl of Wessex and was Edward's brother in law. He was also his most trusted advisor and was almost like a co-king. When Edward died everyone realized that he never made children with his wife so there was no heir. Harold thought that he was gonna be king but the other option was William the Bastard (He was the current Duke of Normandy) because they were good friends and Edward said that he could be king when he died. But then there was Harald Hardrada who was the king of Norway and was promised that he would also be king. So now we have 3 powerful men who think that they are gonna be king
  • Then Harold Godwinson became king and William's advisors told him that Harald has taken the throne. So he sent them to Harald to say that he stole the throne and that he should return it to him. Harald said no so William started to prepare to invade England but the wind was blowing the wrong way so he had to wait. But Harald was waiting for William to invade and after 2 months Harald got bored and he ran out of supplies he returned to London, so the south was undefended. Then Hardrada (with his army) sailed to England and started an invasion in York and won. But then Harald did an exhausting journey to York and caught the Vikings off guard (this is the battle of Stamford Bridge).
  • But since they weren't prepared the Vikings lost. But all the way back at Normandy, the wind has shifted and William set off and landed in Pevensey where they set up camp near Hastings but Harald was all the way back at North, so the exhausted army had to march ALL the way back to the south where Harald decided to stay in London to wait for William to come to him. But Willaim forced him to come to HIM by burning down some villages, which was successful, so Harald met William on the 14th of October 1066.
  • Both sides prepared themselves for the battle of Hastings. The English were on a hill so they decided to stay there. The Normans approached and fired volley after volley of arrows up at the English which defeated a few. Then he sent up some infantry up the hill. The English threw everything they had at them so that the Normans couldn't break through the shield wall. Then William sent up his cavalry up at them but even they couldn't break through it. So Harald decided to just let themselves tire them out, but then something happened, the Normans RAN AWAY! Then Harald (believing he had won) and his army chased the Normans down the hill, but after that, the Normans circled around and surrounded the English and defeated them once and for all.So William became king in the end.