MIl Satire and Hoax
Updated: 2/19/2021
MIl Satire and Hoax

Storyboard Text

  • Luis comes home from work and excitedly shares some news with his wife, Julie.
  • Hey honey! Have you heard of this Citizen Kate series?
  • Hmmm. I haven't, dear.
  • Luis continues to share about the series that he watched.
  • Oh it's a very wonderful series, dear.
  • What is it about?
  • Julie feels skeptical about the series that his husband shared and wanted to watch it for herself.
  • It's a digital comedy/reality series about a fictional citizen journalist named Kate on the actual presidential campaign trail.
  • I see. Can I watch the video so that I be enlightened.
  • But dear, her interviews of politicians are unscripted and taped in real-time.
  • After watching a couple of episodes, Julie shares her sentiments with Luis.
  • Although it's very informative you shouldn't be persuaded easily by this because we aren't 100% sure that what she presents here are factual.
  • Honey, I watched some bits and pieces of the series that you told me about and I've got to say.
  • Julie continues to explain to Luis why such media series shouldn't be taken as seriously as other legit sources.
  • Okay. Although I am very much entertained by her series, I guess I should be careful not to influence my moral conclusion with it.
  • If you want to learn about politics and the lives of politicians, It's better to get your facts from CNN and other networks that are accredited in that area.
  • I understand but that doesn't mean that it's already factual. Here content has no means of verification and the questions on her interviews clearly has a biased-agenda.
  • Luis now came to many realizations and is now media literate.
  • Even though I still watch my fair share of Citizen Kate, I now keep in mind that this is just for entertainment purpose only and that I shouldn't change my political compass because of this.
  • Thanks to my awesome wife, I now know that I should be mindful and critical of the things that I see on the internet.