smelly feet plot
Updated: 9/20/2019
smelly feet plot

Storyboard Text

  • setting,characters,conflict
  • Rising Action
  • Rising Action
  • The setting is mainly at a beach and at home during August and November The main characters are Berin (main character) old shelly and the bullies The conflict is that the bullies are trying to hurt old shelly
  • Climax
  • he bullies are at the beach planning to look for old shelly, and to hurt her Berin had noticed the bullies and heard the conversation about turning the turtle into soup and wanted to make a plan to prevent this.
  • Falling action and Resolution
  • Berin made a plan to go on for 3 months without washing his feet and not taking off his socks or shoes off till November 20th to try and save the turtle, and that day came but he had already lost all his power after trying to go the island bare foot but the sea had washed his smell away
  • Theme
  • Berin had decided to try and face the bullies without the smelly feet he had saved up for 3 months
  • Berin approached the bullies but the bullies had came after him and he ran but couldn't lose them so he took out his socks which had made the bullies fall asleep,then soon the bullies had ran away thinking Berin was a weird human being
  • The theme is to save turtles, and to always face people who are bullying you or someone else