Act 1, Scene 2-Kassidy Brasher
Updated: 2/22/2021
Act 1, Scene 2-Kassidy Brasher

Storyboard Description

Romeo and Juliet, Act 1 Scene 2

Storyboard Text

  • You both have very honorable reputations, and you have been enemies for so long. But what do you say to my request.
  • Montague and I have both sworn to an oath, we are both under the same penalty. I don't think it will be hard to keep peace between old men like us.
  • But sir there are girls younger than her who have already been married and are mothers.
  • Paris, she isn't even 14 years old yet, why don't we wait at least 2 summers before we start thinking she's ready to be married.
  • Come on man, put out one fire by starting another. Make yourself love sick by gazing at a new girl, and the old lovesickness will go away.
  • I've been sent to find the people whose name is on this list, but I can't read. Oh! but here come some people to help me.
  • Lord Capulet and Paris are continuing a conversation about the fight the happened in the streets. Capulet says him and lord Montague are under the same penalty, but don't think it will be hard to keep peace.
  • If I can understand the letters and language then yes.
  • Exuse me sir, do you know how to read?
  • Lord Capulet and Paris are discussing an arranged marriage for Paris and Juliet. Capulet thinks they should hold off a little longer until Juliet is a little older.
  • Stay fellow, I can read. *Romeo reads the guest list.
  • If you do not belong to the house of Montague, then you are more than welcome to come to the party
  • Peter needs help with reading the guest list to Lord Capulet's party. Benovolio is trying to cheer up Romeo since he is sad about Rosaline.
  • A woman more beautiful than the one I love? I've never seen anyone more beautiful than her. I will go with you, only to see the woman I love
  • The beautiful Rosaline you love so much will be at Capulet's party, along with other beautiful women in Verona. Go there and compare her beuaty to the others.
  • Peter kindly asks Romeo and Benevolio if they can help him read the guest list for Lord Capulet's party.
  • *Peter then wishes Romeo and Benevolio a nice day, because he asumes that they can't help read the guest list.
  • Romeo helps Peter read the guest list to Lord Capulet's party, he becomes curious to where all the people are going. Peter tells him that if he isn't apart of the Montague household then he can come to the party.
  • Benvolio thinks that if Romeo goes to the party and sees all of the other woman, he will get over Rosaline. Romeo doesn't believe that he can love anyone but Rosaline.