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Rainsford's Response
Updated: 9/15/2020
Rainsford's Response
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  • Tonight, we will and I.
  • Pathos
  • No, I will not hunt with you. Do you know how many innocent men you have killed already? People with wives, children, who won't get to see their beloved partner/dad ever again. For your amusement, a child won't have a father figure in their childhood. A mother will weep for days after hearing about her husband's disappearance. All for your amusement General Zaroff.
  • No, I will not hunt with you. Do you have any idea how insane you are for hunting humans? I am a passionate hunter, I served in the war, I've done killing for a large portion of my life, yet I am still more sane than you. I am, you could say, born to kill, yet I still don't kill humans. How can you possibly think that hunting humans is a good idea?
  • Ethos
  • Tonight, we will and I.
  • In the second cell, I use the fact that on page 13 when General Zaroff is trying to convince Rainsford about his hunting choices, General Zaroff says "I refuse to believe that so modern and civilized a young man as you seem to be harbors romantic ideas about the value of human life. Surely your experiences in the war-" The last sentence, "Surely your experiences in the war" suggests that Rainsford was a soldier at some point, and fought in a war. In war, a lot of soldiers become traumatized after all the shooting and having to kill others, and they go insane. However, Rainsford has gone through this, and although he hunts passionately, he does not approve of killing humans. I am using Rainsford being a former soldier to give credibility to himself, as if somebody who was forced to kill other people still doesn't approve of it, there is no reason you should approve of it.
  • In the first cell, I use the fact that the men who General Zaroff hunts, are usually innocent men maybe even with families. People who love them, and just for General Zaroff's amusement, a man who could have raised a wonderful family is killed, all so General Zaroff can have a bit of fun.
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