Mother Nature Calls
Updated: 3/8/2021
Mother Nature Calls

Storyboard Text

  • What sound is that?
  • Currently, the destruction of nature is getting worse.
  • Is someone crying?
  • The destruction of nature causes animals to die.
  • They die again
  • Poor bird, how come he can't enjoy his life
  • Our friends already left us behind
  • Illegal logging is increasing lately.
  • Hope we are not going to be the next
  • The smoke slowly kills the creatures.
  • By : Anisa Reti and Vira Adriani
  • He won't live long like us
  • He coughs because of his mistakes
  • Ahem
  • I hope they can save our home
  • Irresponsible people burn the forest.
  • It is our time to die
  • Title : Mother Nature Calls
  • This is the first step that we can do
  • We change our ways or we left behind!
  • Sources : The Poem "Deforestation" By Mohamed
  • We hope we are not too late