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Updated: 10/12/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Speech
  • "WHAT IS THIS?! I specifically asked for a decaf coffee with TWO pumps of caramel."
  • Thoughts
  • How do I make this again? I remember learning in that cooking class I took, but I don't remember.
  • Effects on others
  • Leonard was supposed to have a date today, but it didn't end well. First he showed up late, so the girl was already upset, and then he decided he was no longer interested and dumped her on the spot. This hurt the girl a lot. She took time out of her day to get ready and go on a date with him, and he ditched her.
  • This shows that Leonard is a very rude person. The waiter didn't even make the coffee, yet Leonard is blowing up at him, and it was only a small mistake. The waiter isn't even that upset because his reaction to such a small mistake was very obnoxious. Leonard is giving off a really insolent reputation to all the people in the coffee shop, and he isn't being very kind.
  • Actions
  • In this scene, Leonard is trying to make himself a simple meal, but he doesn't know how. This shows that Leonard is a little bit naive and he is forgetful. He took a class and learned how to make plenty of meals and dishes, but he doesn't remember how to make them.
  • Looks
  • His head starts to bob, and it's only two hours into work. He has gotten two warnings from his boss already because of how unprepared he is, or for falling asleep. His coworkers don't appreciate him working there anymore.
  • This shows that Leonard is not good with commitment and that he doesn't pay careful attention to other peoples feeling. This scene outlines how selfish and disloyal Leonard is. He hurt a girls feelings, and isn't phased by it at all.
  • Character Bio
  • This scene shows that Leonard is very impatient and reckless. If the other car didn't see him right away, he could have gotten in a car crash. Also, he was not in any hurry to get home, so he wouldn't have anything close to a reasonable excuse.
  • Leonard is driving back home, in no rush today. While he crosses an intersection, he cuts someone off. It wasn't his turn, but he sped through and almost caused a collision.
  • This gives off the impression that Leonard isn't responsible and doesn't take his job seriously. It doesn't seem like he tries at all, and if he keeps it up he will get fired.
  • From all of these scenes Leonard has shown that he is not a very good person. He is very irresponsible and selfish when it comes to commitments. Towards people, he is disloyal and rude. He doesn't think about other peoples feelings and how he effects them. He isn't the brightest and is a little bit naive, which leads to the suspicion that he isn't very good at taking care of himself. In conclusion, Leonard is not a good person and presents himself with negative qualities to other people.