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The 27 Amendments- Amendments #7-13
Updated: 3/26/2020
The 27 Amendments- Amendments #7-13
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  • The Seventh Amendment
  • We're the Jury!
  • The Eighth Amendment
  • She's weird.
  • Nice.
  • No cruel and unusual punishment!
  • The Ninth Amendment
  • We couldn't have written out all of the people's rights because the people's rights should also be in the hands of the people and not just the government.
  • I'm James Madison.
  • The government shouldn't control all of the people's rights. We don't want another monarchy!
  • The Seventh Amendment gives those accused of a crime the Right to a Jury Trial in Civil Lawsuits.
  • The Tenth Amendment
  • Our state has rights!
  • We have rights!
  • The Eighth Amendment protects those who are found guilty of a crime from excessive fines and cruel and unusual punishment. This means that there won't be required excessive bails or excessive fines or any cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.
  • The Eleventh Amendment
  • The Ninth Amendment explains that not all of the people's rights are listed in the Constitution- they have other rights too.
  • The Twelth and Thirteenth Amendments
  • Did you hear? No more slavery or involuntary servitude.
  • The Tenth Amendment states that there are Rights reserved to states or people.
  • The Eleventh Amendment set limits on when a state is able to be sued. For example, due to this amendment, states can't be sued by foreigners not living in the state or out-of-state citizens.
  • You can't sue our state- you live in a different state!
  • Oh.
  • The Twelth Amendment revised the presidential election procedures. Then, slavery and involuntary servitude were abolished by the Thirteenth Amendment.
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