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Maria Stands Up!
Updated: 6/14/2019
Maria Stands Up!
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  • Let's go find Casper!
  • Hey! Wait up!
  • Okay!
  • What should we do today?
  • Hi guys! Can we play with you?
  • No thanks
  • Because your a girl, we don't want cooties
  • Awww why?
  • Now shoo
  • “You guys are all soooooo mean!” Lybis complained. “You know what? Fine,” Julius smirked.“Really?!!?!??”“Yeah! We’re playing Knights and Kings! I’m the king, and they’re the knights,” “Yeah!” The boys responded.
  • But what about us?
  • That's not fair!!
  • If you guys don't like it you dont' have to play.
  • Then go find me a four leaf clover as punishment for complaining so much.
  • No, fine, we'll play.
  • Since I'm King I'll sit on top of the slide
  • Well Julian is King and girls can't be knights, so you have to be the servant!
  • You guys can be the servants!
  • That's impossible!
  • *RRIIIINNNNGG*, the bell rang, prompting students to dash out of the building and out to the playground. Maria ran to meet up with her friends, Delphia and Lybis. Lybis suggested finding Casper to play with
  • Whatever! we'll prove them wrong
  • The girls found Casper with Julian and Mark. They asked to play with them, but Julian and Mark didn't want to.
  • Don't you think you guys are taking this too far?
  • They boys only let them play with unfair rules. Casper hasn't said a word.
  • I have something important to tell you!
  • What are you doing here?
  • As the girls leave, the boys hold up their snacks that they stole. "They're so gullible," they snickered.
  • Casper complained, claiming that they were treating the girls poorly. The boys didn't care, leading Casper to leave angrily and go find the girls.
  • Casper found the girls and promptly told them that the boys were stealing their snacks. The girls were outraged and decided to confront Julian.
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