Broken Blade Meledi Yang Hour 2
Updated: 2/28/2020
Broken Blade Meledi Yang Hour 2

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  • Today was the day Pierre was going to leave.Leaving behind his family father,Mother,and his two sisters Camilie and Claire.The reason Pierre became a voyageur is because he wasn't doing his job so his father acidentally cut his thumb, so he was disabled
  • Now after paddling for 15 hours and leaving the St. Annes. The voyageurs were at their camp for the night. Pierre's muscles were sore and aching like most of his brigade they got along most of the time. Tonight dinner was boiled corn with a few ounces of salted pork and a drink of brandy.
  • Portaging wasn't easy but not hard for Pierre , he had carried atleast 1 pack. On his way he saw La Petite carrying 3 packs which in total was 270 pounds. Pierre legs gave out once he reached the shore but luckly La Petite caught him, once he got back on his feet he saw Beloit give La Petite a coin when he realized they made a bet to put a handfuls of lead shots in his bag to see if he was strong enough to carry it.
  • when Bellegarde was serving his soup. Beloit grumbled about the food, usally Bellegarde ignores his comments but today he had enough of it.He stated if Beloit didn't like the food he should cook for himself,Beloit answered back '' Any Idiot could cook this slop" thats when they started to fight.La Petite decide to stop Beloit but Beloit was going to hurt La petite before they new it La Petite shook Beloite's Hand
  • The Renedezvous, Pierre had a great time berry picking with Kennewah ,dancing with other Ojibwe girls,and having a great feast. But Next morning all 5 canoes were loaded at 3 a.m and took off to lake Superior to bring the pelts to Montreal with new voyageurs. Finally It was time to come back home to see his mother,father,Camilie,and Claire.
  • Pierre arrived in Lachine, He stopped to greet Dr.Guilliard. On his way to his house, Pierre hears ringing of steel and finds his father splitting oak. Once his father & him reunite they seriously celebrate Pierres return back home.