Justin and John Storyboard
Updated: 2/3/2020
Justin and John Storyboard
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  • the ___ is released into the neuromuscular junction by the __ ___
  • easy, the first blank is Ach but it is also known as Acetylcholine, the second blank is axon terminal, the motor neurons endings.
  • the first blank is diffuses, the second blank is sarcolemma, which envelopes the skeletal muscles, depolarization occurs and the action potential is generated. depolarization means that there is less negative charge in the cell
  • Ach ___ across the Neuromuscular junction and binds to the ___. After this ___ occurs and __ ___ is generated
  • the __ ___ gets transferred into the cell, this makes the SR release ___ ions.
  • well the first word is action potential which was generated when depolarization occurs, calcium is released from the SR
  • Calciums ions are concentrated, the second and third word is myofilaments, when they slide the cell contracts
  • ___ ions are concentrated at ___ grow, the ___ slide past each other and then the cell ___.
  • ___ becomes reabsorbed into the SR, the concentration declines at ___. After this the muscle cell ___/___
  • Calcium becomes reabsorbed, concentration decline and myofilaments. The muscle cell relaxes and grows.
  • hmmm... i think that it is synaptic cleft because i don't remember one of us mentioning it during review but i remember hearing about it in class
  • Alright i think we're done, you prepared for the test next class?
  • actually think we forgot a word. I'll read the definition, what is the gap filled with interstitial fluid?
  • GG, that was correct
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