Muhhamad time line
Updated: 2/4/2020
Muhhamad time line
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  • Muhammad's Birth
  • The call of the Prophet
  • Muhammad's Teaching
  • .Muhammad was born 570 C.E in the town of Mecca found in Sadia Arabia.After a while of being born his mother sent him to live with a nomadic tribe.
  • The Night Journey
  • 610 C.E. Muhammad went to go pray in the caves but then fell asleep. After he woke up he saw the Angel Gabriel and told him to read.
  • The Hijrah
  • The first is the Holy Quran revealed to Muhammad peace be upon him. The second is the teachings and sayings of Muhammad. Although his teachings are not considered the direct words of God like the Quran, his teachings were divine guided and inspired.
  • Muhammad's death
  • in the year 621 C.E the prophet, Muhammad went on the night journey and traveled from Mecca to Jerusalem and then ascended into the heavens eventually meeting the gods.
  • In 622 C.E Muhammad and his followers left Makkah and during the journey, a fight happened and between the Muslims and the Makkans
  • In March 632 Muhammad made his last pilgrimage and delivered his last Sermon Shortly before his death in Medina of Saudia Arabia.
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