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Giver meets Anthem
Updated: 3/8/2020
Giver meets Anthem
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  • I couldn't possibly leave Gabriel to be killed back there... although that would have been a better fate than to live in the shackles of the community... but there must be others like me out there somewhere...
  • You are more intelligent than all the others - If you can discover electricity in there, who knows what else you will discover out here!
  • Liberty 5-3000?! Why did you follow?! Now they will surely find us and we will both be burned at the stake!
  • I'm Jonas and this is my little brother Gabriel, but not my real brother, he was given to me in a way, and we are trying to make a new life
  • Oh... We are Prometheus and the Golden One. We too have not been permitted to be together but are escaping our community to have a new life together
  • Who are they?!
  • Hmm... it sounds as though you may be from one of the other communities I've heard exist... 
  • Perhaps. We are not permitted to speak of the Uncharted Forest but we are trying to find a place where we can be ourselves and our intelligence is put to use and we have choice in the matter!
  • Perhaps we can walk together in search of a place that allows us freedom and individuality. We can start our own community!
  • I don't want to be a sweeper!
  • What a wonderful idea! I want to be my own person separate from the World Council and start our own family
  • How strange to come together on the idea of being our own individual people... I feel like these relationships will actually mean something and we can finally have a life WE want to live...
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