Harry potter chapter summary
Updated: 6/3/2020
Harry potter chapter summary

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  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Hagrid did you tell the person who gave you the dragon egg how to calm fluffy down?
  • Ummm... yeah I think that I told him that Fluffy is easy to caalm down all you need to do is play some music and he'll fall right asleep. Wait forget I said that!
  • Voldemort knows how to get past Fluffy! he now knows everything he needs to know to get the stone.
  • the flute hagrid made for me is working fluffy fell asleep.
  • Z Z ZZ
  • okay
  • I think that we need to play across the board to get to the next room Hermione you'll be a castle, Harry you can be a bishop and I'll be a knight.
  • that's only enough for one of us I'll go forwards and you can take the potion that can bring you back to the previous room and then you can get Ron and get to the owlery and send a letter to dumbledore telling him what s going on right now.
  • I need to get taken so you can checkmate the king Harry
  • it's a riddle one bottle will take us to the next room another will take us back and the others hold either poison or wine.
  • this one will take us forward into the last room