Updated: 1/27/2021

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  • Brian's child is starting nursery soon. He’ll need 2 hours a day to do school runs during core hours and doesn't know what to do.
  • I need to request this tomorrow. What do I have to do? Is it going to be a long, complicated and stressful process?
  • The next day, he chats about it to his work friend Coleen.
  • I had something similar in my last government job - they let me work different hours but it was a bit of a faff.You should find out what your options are. I've heard that MOJ is usually pretty flexible!
  • Brian goes to speak to his line manager Amy to ask her about it all. She's busy and flustered.
  • But I'm busy and stressed right now too...
  • I'm happy for you to change your working pattern, but I don't have time to learn about the policy or process. Have you checked your Personal HR Dashboard? That's where to look for stuff like this.
  • Brian doesn't find time to look during the work day. So on his way home, he opens up the Personal HR Dashboard on his phone...
  • Wow, it really knows about me! It's got info on my pay... and my annual leave... it even knows what my working hours are. Let me try this link...
  • Request a change to your working hoursUse this service to request a change to your working hours.You'll be notified when your request has been approved or rejected by you manager.| You can read the policy in plain English.Start
  • 25 minutes later...
  • Wow, Amy's approved it already! That was so quick and easy! What a relief - I was really stressing about that.
  • PING!