Truly we both loved beauty
Updated: 2/10/2021
Truly we both loved beauty

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  • Edna
  • Im Edna's Little Sister, Stella also known as the good fairy
  • Yay! I will invite every fairy in the land
  • When you die your tears will comfort lives!
  • My gift was to make Beauty graceful but edna meant to say when you cry so I cold not stop her from dieing i let her sleep for 100 years
  • My name is Edna I used to be the kings BF Best Fairy until I was misunderstood now i'm the bf bad fairy
  • The King and Queen were so happy they had just had their first child and named her Beauty. They invited all of the fairies to give her a gift except for me but I still made her a gift to make her compassionate.
  • I, of course was blamed for making her fall asleep but i fixed it.
  • When I went to the castle the guards would not let me in so i flew in the princesses window the king was furious when i cast my spell I said when you die your tears will comfort lives.
  • I Do!
  • On Beauty's 16th birthday I went to the tower to try to prick my own finger but ,she tripped how clumsy.
  • She was asleep for 100 hundred years ,but then I sent a prince to kiss her awake.
  • The prince and the princess soon got married and I'm still the bad fairy ,but I was still invited. Oh and the princess became the queen!