Iron man

Updated: 5/12/2020
Iron man

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Storyboard Text

  • mom told me you met spiderman.
  • Hello Dad.
  • did how was the?
  • he was kind of short but he was amazing
  • True!
  • Hi son.
  • What did he save from?
  • How did he save you?
  • why did were you there?
  • where did you live when he saved you
  • I save myself from falling on a poster that was destroyed
  • I was buying a hot dog
  • I throw his web to prevent the poster from falling
  • i was in new york
  • was did fighting with someone?
  • did you were afraid?
  • who did was he fighting against?
  • good that you're still alive.thanks for answering me
  • Yes, but despite that he was saving lives.
  • Yes, I was a little scared.
  • you're welcome son.
  • He was fighting against the green goblin