Depression 2
Updated: 5/27/2021
Depression 2

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  • Lily's parents are very worried about her. They decide to seek professional help from a psychiatrist. 
  • I am really worried about Lily. She is always in her room, she quit her two favorite hobbies (dance and guitar) and her grades are bad. She hasn't even left her room to see her best friend Ava. And she never smiles anymore.
  • Those behaviors are very unusual for her. I think we should go to a psychiatrist and get a professional's advice. 
  • Lily describes the feelings and emotions she has experienced to her psychiatrist.
  • Hi Julia. Lately I have been feeling upset and hopeless. I am stressed from school. I recently broke up with my manipulative and controlling ex-boyfriend. I have no appetite, quit dance and guitar, don't want to do anything except lie in bed all day. I also have been developing thoughts of not wanting to live anymore, just to get rid of the pain. But I don't want to die, it just seems like the only solution.
  • Hello Lily. I am Julia. What seems to be bothering you?
  • Lily is diagnosed with depression. Depression takes many different forms and is good at hiding. Symptoms include guilt, hopelessness, social isolation, losing interest in favorite activities, mood swings, sadness, trouble sleeping, irritability, fatigue, lack of concentration, suicidal thoughts, weight gain, weight loss, and excessive crying. Causes are abuse, stress, major life changes, death of a loved one, having a family history of depression, and having a major illness .
  • From how you described your current situation, I diagnose you with depression. Depression is a mental illness that causes you to have a negative way of thinking and feeling, lose interest in activities, and significantly disrupt your daily life. Your symptoms are loss of interest in favorite activities, isolation, social withdrawal, negative/suicidal thoughts, feelings of helplessness and sadness, and no energy or appetite. The causes can be school stress, emotional abuse from your ex-boyfriend, low self-esteem, being too hard on yourself, and possibly hormonal changes.
  • I am glad you came here before it got really bad. I will bring your parents in to discuss treatment options.