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Updated: 1/9/2019
Unknown Story

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  • There once was a stray brown dog. He would always hang out in front of an old building. Day and night he would sit there. He would only move to look fro food. No one really knew where he came from or anything about him. They called him Buddy.
  • The Story of Buddy by Karen Vega
  • One day he went looking for food. He stopped at a school. A girl named Kassie saw him and walked up to him. "Awe you're so adorable!" she said. Buddy liked her.
  • From that day on Kassie and Buddy were best friends. She decided she would keep him. Her parents said yes since she was very responsible and good.
  • They went everywhere together. Their favorite place was the park. Suddenly Buddy was sick. He was turning old. He wouldn't eat, play, or even go for a walk. Kassie and her parents decided to take him to the vet. Kassie was very scared that something bad can happen to buddy. But she knew she needed to take him.
  • The vet told them that Buddy was very sick. Kassie started crying. Her parents looked sad. The vet smile " Apparently he ate something he wasn't supposed to." Kassie stopped crying. She told them he swallowed a small piece of toy. And to remove it , Buddy would need surgery. She assured Kassie and everything will be fine.
  • A week passed since Buddy's surgery. Everything went well. Kassie was happy Buddy was okay. She also understood one day Buddy would be gone, but she was glad that she got to have him as a best friend THE END.