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Updated: 1/27/2021
Unknown Story

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  • next on stage is diane kwon!
  • oh god. he just called my name. an amazing quartet just blew the audience away, and now i dont have a piano accompaniment for my solo piece. i cant do it.
  • diane r kwon. you can do it. you've practiced and worked too hard to give up
  • she's right. you can do this.
  • *deep breath. just play your heart out.
  • the crowd went crazy. and ROARED
  • i ended up winning the music competition, and i'm so glad that i finally drove up the courage to be able to perform, despite the nervous fear that almost inundated me. this shaped me as a person because, you might not always do what you want or what you like, but you should always strive to try. and in this case, i ended winning a huge music competition and walked home with a grand prize with it :)