Global History
Updated: 5/18/2020
Global History

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  • All the foreign rices from the United States are bad for my business!
  • Meanwhile.....
  • How do you think Haiti is responding to our imported rice?
  • I know they loved it! They are in no state to decline take our offering.
  • Does the US know we are surviving off of imported goods?
  • America plays savior in countries they have helped destroy. If America wanted to help us even before the earthquake they would've. Maybe this is their twisted way to earn brownie points, so we will listen to their policies on government. But as this happens, and as each year passes it gets harder to survive. -A farmer who wants to feed his kids.
  • My crops won't sell!
  • I don't think so. Every time they help it cripples some part of our government.
  • *Claps
  • *Claps
  • We have successfully relieved Haiti of their food predicament.
  • Does America really believe they are helping? Their are many things they could've helped with. They could've offered to help rebuild, and aid with medical issues.