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Updated: 1/19/2020
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  • BOOK 8: The Songs of the Harper
  • Before leaving Phaeacia, a blind bard named Demodocus sings of Odysseus' journey and makes him cry. Eventually, they move on to watching the games which consists of discus throwing, wrestling, etc. Odysseus then competes after being insulted, but the situation is cooled. Odysseus then sees the bard to sing of Troy and the Trojan horse. The king, Alcinous, is now very curious of Odysseus' identity.
  • BOOK 9: New Coasts and Poseidon's Son
  • Odysseus is telling King Alcinous of his journey starting from when he stormed Ismaros. They then find a cave with cheese and lamb and stayed to eat and rest. The Cyclops returned to his cave to find them and Odysseus told him that he was named Nohbdy. Odysseus gave him some wine which made him fall asleep. The crew speared the Cyclops' eye and ran back to the ship. The Cyclops called out to Poseidon asking for Odysseus to never return home.
  • BOOK 10: The Grace of the Witch
  • Odysseus was given a bag of wind which could be used to get home but the crew was tempted to open it and the ship blew to Kirke's island. She then turned some of the crew into pigs. Odysseus hears about this later and eats a magic plant from Hermes to prevent her magical wine from turning him into a pig. Odysseus and Kirkes sleep together and the crew stays for a year before they head to the Sea of Death.
  • BOOK 11: A Gathering of Shades
  • While in the Underworld, they sacrifice a black lamb. Then Odysseus sees Elpenor and his mom who he learned died from sorrow. and of how things are in Ithaca. Teiresias also tells Odysseus of his crews future and of a sacrifice to Poseidon. Odysseus speaks to Agamemnon who says not to trust or tell to much to a women because his own wife killed him.
  • BOOK 12: Sea Pearls and Defeat
  • While at sea, Odysseus tells the crew to tie him to the ship and stuff their ears with bees wax so that he can hear the Siren's song. Soon, they meet Scylla and Kharybdis who kills a large amount of the crew, leaving Odysseus to sail to Thrinacia where more of his crew die after killing Helio's cattle. He eventually reaches Calypso and lived with her for 7 years...
  • BOOK 16: Father and Son
  • Odysseus is with Eumaios finally home in Ithaca. Telemachus comes and learns that this beggar is actually his father in disguise. Athena comes and tells Odysseus to fight the suitors and take his kingdom back. Penelope finds out her son has returned from his voyage but she does not know that her husband has returned.
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