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Energy I use throughout My day
Updated: 9/16/2020
Energy I use throughout My day
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  • The girl is holding a ball. This is gravitational potential energy because the ball is lifted off the ground and put in a gravitational field. There is maximum potential energy but 0 kinetic energy. It also is gravitational energy because due to its position energy is being stored within the ball and it's not in motion.
  • The girl now dropped the ball. The gravitational potential energy is being converted into kinetic energy because as the ball comes closer to the ground the faster it goes, thus it having more and more kinetic energy. The kinetic energy is not at maximum while the potential energy is not present.
  • Overall the girl holding the ball is considered as gravitational potential energy. When the girl drops the ball it is kinetic energy because it is in motion and the closer to the ground the more speed the ball gets.
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