The Artemis Mission
Updated: 5/29/2020
The Artemis Mission

Storyboard Text

  • Really! That's crazy it's so far away why would they do that!?
  • Oh! I heard that NASA is about to send people to Mars!
  • Then while using the most powerful rocket in the world their going to use the moon base as a pitstop to go to Mars.
  • I think its because of all the things going on around the planet.
  • What kind of things?
  • Right... Well how are they going to do it?
  • Y'know, Climate change, pollution, world wide drought, extinction of animals.
  • Well first they're going to send 4 people to a station orbiting the moon called Gateway.
  • Using Gateway their going to build a moon base on the lunar south pole.
  • I can tell that's going to take a while.
  • After years of terraforming Mars, humanity will begin to go through space to live on Mars
  • Of course that would be extremely expensive and many people will be left on a dying Earth as sad as it is.
  • Oh no that's terrible!
  • Although there is a big solution to this problem.
  • I guess you're right! That'll save many lives if a lot of people did their part and cut back on things like plastic and recycled.
  • Really? what is it?
  • To protect our planet! If we cut back on our carbon footprints and stop polluting the planet we can save everyone who will be left behind!