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Updated: 9/25/2019
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Storyboard Description

6-panel storyboard for the Battle with Beowulf

Storyboard Text

  • Out from the marsh, from the foot of the mist Hills and bogs, bearing God's hatred, Grendel came, hoping to kill.
  • And Grendel's great teeth came together, snapping life shut. Then he stepped to another still body...
  • Clutched at Beowulf with his claws, grasped at a strong-hearted wakeful sleeper
  • Their courage was great but all wasted: they could hack at Grendel from every side... but their points could not hurt him
  • To feud with an Almighty God: Grendel saw that his strength was deserting him...
  • Grendel escaped, but wounded as he was could flee to his den, his miserable hole at the bottom of the marsh.
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