Tell-tale Haert by jake morrison

Updated: 3/22/2021
Tell-tale Haert by jake morrison

Storyboard Text

  • I have done nothing officers, you can come in and look around but it is just me here nobody else the old man is away on a trip
  • I will kill that old man and i will finally git ride of that eye forever and never have to look at it again
  • i will kill him now
  • I have killed him i have rid of his dreadful eyes i am free now, now i will stuff his body under the floor boards
  • We heard a disturbance but i guess it was nothing.
  • What is that sound i hear is it his heart beat
  • tump.tump,tump
  • Got i hate this sound, i turning myself in here he is under that floor board take him away and get him out of here i hate his heartbeat so much
  • Take Him away