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Updated: 2/22/2021
history project

Storyboard Text

  • The Story of Muhammad 
  • One day around 570 C.E in Makkah
  • Hey guys a new baby has been born into our clan
  • If this is true according to tradition he'll be sent to the nomads
  • A l i t t l e later
  • Please take good care of my baby 
  • We will. He is in good hands with us nomads. 
  • Abu Talib died and Muhammad had to except an offer from some people from Madina. He moved to Madina then called Yathrib to help settle battles over there. However even with his absence the people of Makkah attacked. Eventually Muhammad won and destroyed the idles. He died shortly after.
  • You are free to return to your mother back in Makkah
  • Well Muhammad you've learned everything we wanted to teach you.
  • A few years later
  • Muhammad returned only to loose his mother and then later his grandpa. So he was taken care of by his uncle Abu Talib
  • Hi Muhammad will please take of the sheep and a little while we will go on a merchant trip.
  • As Muhammad grew up he got married and became a very valued merchant. He started to notice many flaws in society so head to a cave to pray.
  • I hope you find what you are looking for Muhammad
  • A l i t t l e later
  • Ok so, while you were in the cave you received a call from god and now you want to become a prophet!
  • Muhammad began teaching and many agreed with his teachings but many disliked him because it would affect their businesses so they went after him luckily his uncle had his back
  • I don't like this!
  • He's so wise maybe what he says is true.
  • Getttt him!
  • Leave my nephew alone hurt him and i'll hurt you.
  • Fine we surrender!
  • Hey Muhammad we we finished destroying the idles we finally finished.