The barcode tattoo
Updated: 12/18/2019
The barcode tattoo
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Storyboard Description

This story is about a timid and artistic girl who loves her art. She was just informed however by her counselor that she would not be getting a scholarship to the school she had hoped for. She was not as bummed as she thought she would be but she had family issues so she was already discouraged. Things had been rough ever since her parents accepted the bar code tattoos. She is very much against it and spends time observing other people talk about it and their behavior. She has parents who have the barcode tattoo. One day she comes home to an ambulance at her door to see that her father had committed suicide. She looks back at his depressive tendencies ever since having the tattoo. Her mother Ashley, who was a nurse also was falling apart especially after the death of her husband. Ashley started stealing medication from her job and attempted to burn her wrist off where her tattoo was. Ashley became frantic because she knew that the tattoo had dangerous backgrounds. One day Ashley wakes up in a hospital on her way to get her self tattooed, she managed to escape and met her friends in the mountains like she had planned in case of the situation. She recruits people like her who are away hiding and try to create action into explaining why the tattoos are evil.

Storyboard Text

  • Kayla is an artistic girl who enjoys her time outside. However the murmurs of the bar tattoos are bone chilling not to mention home life.
  • This is the home of where her father committed suicide and mother is frantic for her and her daughters life because of this tattoo.
  • Ashley the mother and Kayla end up in the hospital but Kayla ends up escaping and going to the mountains where she had discussed with her friends in case she were to get tatted.
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