Rules and Laws
Updated: 12/8/2020
Rules and Laws

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  • I am on my way, wait for me outside.
  • Thank you for coming, Have a nice day!
  • Hey Max, let's go! We forgot our money.
  • Yes!!! I was able to take this chocolate without anyone looking!
  • Oh gosh! You are right! What should I do? I am scared!
  • that..chocolate? But..but..we forgot our money!!!!You need to return that, that is against the law!
  • It sounds like there is a problem.
  • I took the candy bar, but I don't want to break the law. I want to be a good citizen.
  • Yes officer, we are returning this candy bar.
  • Is there a problem boys?
  • We are terribly sorry sir.
  • Hello sir, sorry for taking this chocolate. I come to return it to you. I am very sorry.
  • Hello officer! Is everything okay?
  • No sir, Max is here to return the chocolate.
  • Thank you!
  • Thank you for forgiving me, I have learned my lesson and it will never happen again.
  • Breaking rules and laws can have negative consequences that can affect you perpetually. I am glad you returned the candy back to the store.
  • Thank you Max, it is important to learn from your mistakes and not do that again.
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