digital collaboration
Updated: 5/19/2020
digital collaboration

Storyboard Text

  • Those are some of the tools that we use for sharing information
  • Hello, and welcome to our team. Today I will introduce you to our new colleagues and we will talk a bit about digital collaboration.
  • Ooh, I think I’m very good at this, I spend all my time on social media.
  • OK, this is a good start. Are you able to use other tools for sharing information?
  • So I will have to learn how to use them? There is no other solution,right?
  • I can use Facebook for this.
  • This is just the beginning...
  • Have you ever used DropMark, Dropbox, Dropcanvas or something similar?
  • Not really. Actually I haven’t even heard of them
  • Sounds interesting
  • They make our work easier, help us some time and communicate better with colleagues but customers also.