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  • Chapter 1: Gatsby sees green light
  • Chapter 3: Nick receives an invitation
  • Chapter 5: Daisy and Gatsby Meet
  • Dang she likes my crib that much
  • In the end of Chapter 1, Gatsby sees a "green light" at the end of Daisy's dock (Fitzgerald 24). The light represents Gatsby's hopes and dreams with Daisy. He reaches towards the light in the darkness, guidng him to his goal.
  • Chapter 7: The Royal Rumble
  • Nick sees Gatsby's "chauffer with an invitation", inviting him to one of Gatsby's lavish parties the next day (Fitzgerald 52). He is shocked that he's even able to attend such event. After this event, Nick begins to form a closer bond with Gatsby himself
  • Chapter 7: Myrtle = Dead
  • Nick is requested to "Invite [Daisy] to tea" by Gatsby (Fitzgerald 86). When they reunite Gatsby feels utter joy and wants to show off all his belongings to Daisy. Daisy breaks down after seeing all of Gatsby's shirts
  • Chapter 8: Gatsby's Death
  • Gatsby tells Tom about his affair with Daisy and ignites Tom's anger. The argument continues as to whether Daisy will stay with Tom or go with Gatsby, and in the heat of the moment "they were gone" (Fitzgerald 144). Following this, Daisy kills Myrtle with Gatsby's car.
  • Daisy accidentally runs over Myrtle as she "rushed out at [them]" (Fitzgerald 154). Tom is angry and is desperate to find who killed his wife. Tom leads him to believe it was Gatsby, which only made a turn for the worst.
  • bro i thought she was a speedbump
  • Wilson sought vengeance for the death of his wife and killed Gatsby in his house. Gatsby lye lifelessly as "the shots" from Wilson's revolver penetrated his skin (Fitzgerald 172). Following this, Wilson ends up shooting himself.
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